Conversation on Politics of Care

November 2020. In this participation in the AA “New Models” series, we discussed new models of care.

We asked

1 What/where is space? AND What/where is care? (6:22)

2 Where were spaces of care for us? (15:06)

3 With covid lockdowns, what spaces of care are lost? And what spaces are resisting and surviving? And what new spaces do we need to look to for our creative survival? (23:00)

4 What does it mean to provide culturally aware community care? (34:00)

5 How can we acknowledge the gendered nature of care when imagining our non-binary queer utopia? (45:35)

Further learning and listening:
Oct 2020. Constellations of care in Sex work w/ Darya Diamond aka Maria
What the Culture Calls Violence, from issue 4 of fist zine (devotion) buy here: